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The rearview mirror calls

my name,

begging me

to turn around!

go back!


The past haunts me

with flash bulbs

filled with

liquid-brown eyes,

mischievous smiles,

rough fingers

carved by guitar strings.

When I look back,

I see

you and me

sitting on a broken dock,

splashing in a crystal river,

walking on a white beach,

waving goodbye through a bus window.

My retrospective

seems quite lonely,

and begs for me

to learn.

Reflection–is it the same

as restrospection?

Where we try to walk away

with something




What lesson can I learn

from the


gaping wound

you left in

my chest?

I can still see

my heart,




on the table

where you left it.

When I look back,

my bleeding heart

doesn’t see the

mess you made.


all it sees is you,

all I see is you,

standing in a parking lot,

hands in your pockets,

eyes searching for me,

smile trying to stay cool,

as if your own heart



pounding right out of your chest

from the thought

of your hands touching me.


I see you

wanting me.

I hear you

loving me.

In retrospect,

I should have learned how to

hate you,

get over you,

banish you.

But instead

I learned how

living without


is an




Daily Writing Prompt–Retrospective


5 thoughts on “Impossibility

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      • Because I am “this” guy…. 😦 I’ve been the source of her pain and loneliness. To say it hurts me too is moot, because it inevitably comes back to “Then do something about it.” But it’s not that simple. Not anymore. So I like this piece for what it says. I just don’t like the feeling of being “that guy”.
        Not sure that makes any sense whatsoever or if I answered your question, but……it’s all I have.

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