The ABCs of Longing

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Alone, I wonder how it can

be that you

can forget me so



For years, my eyes have been

glued to you,

hoping that you’ll finally see me.

I wallow in my own

jacked-up fantasies,

kicking myself for caring.

Love shouldn’t be so

murky, so

nebulous and

open to interpretation.

“Please write back,” I beg,

quietly yearning for just a word, a whisper, to show you

remember me, that you

still burn inside like a pile of dry

tinder waiting for a match.

Undulating thoughts about you and me do a


Waltz in my head, trying to iron out the miles of clanging

xylophones that refuse to stop ringing your name.

You say, “just remember, stop needing more, just instantly

zap the want away.” But, I need to ask, “how did you do it, because I can’t even begin to try.”



Daily Writing Prompt–A through Z


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