Spider Webs and Game Show Hosts


Photo Credit: ascenicworld.com

Photo Credit: ascenicworld.com


I remember you saying those words,

those letters that spelled out

L   O   V   E.

It was dark,

and you were next to me,

skin to skin,

face to face,

hand in hand.

Lying there in your arms

I wondered if you were lying,

if those soft, buttery words

floating from your lips

were truth.

I spun a web of false hope

from the words you whispered.

I took your touch at

face value and let it

burrow into my heart.

Like a spider spinning silk,

you wrapped me up in

your smooth net,

your wicked tongue

lapping up the love I laid before you.

And now all I have are questions

that you won’t answer.

I’m like a game show host

with a mute contestant,

one who closes his eyes

and ignores my pleas

for guidance,


persistently sealing his lips

and refusing to admit

his choice.

Yesterday, you were all

and today you are everything,

but at night is when I fill

my pillow with salt,

with bitterness,

and sorrow

because I’m holding

not you,

because I’m missing

all of you,

because I’m losing

bits of me

in the invisible cracks

you created.


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