A World Filled With Without

Photo Credit: midnight-artwork.com

Photo Credit: midnight-artwork.com


We are living in a world

filled with


Lack, absence, missing

mocks our lives

in ways that makes


so much worse.

Daily, I read




about what our hearts want,

what our hands

don’t have.

I write about what

creates holes

in my


and pen poetry

about the emptiness of

my fingers

as they reach

for your invisible


We all want so badly

to have,

to own,

to hold

the imaginary images

created inside

perfect pictures of

other people’s


We compare what we have

to what we don’t have,

and we envy like

greedy mothers

living through their children.

I am without you

every day,

without your hands,

your eyes,

your smile.

The absence of you

clings to me

like fog hanging on the


like rain sticking to dry


I live

a million moments each day

in a world empty of

and covered in the

darkness of

without you.



Daily Writing Prompt–Without



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