Rescue Me (or I’m a Lifeboat)


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I need to be selfish.

So many people




that I don’t know what I want.

Why do I give in?

Why can’t I be selfish?

You can call me anything else

but don’t call me selfish.

My sister did once,

and we didn’t talk for

six months.

I have had dozens

(yes, dozens)

of friends stay with me

rent free

or with very little


or any contribution at all.

Why do I say yes?

I can’t bear to see people

hurting or in pain.

I’ve helped friends

recover from





bad relationships,

bad parents.

I’ve parented a child

that wasn’t mine

for six months.

I’ve given

and given

and given,

but I’m used up.

I give my heart,

my soul,

my money,

my home,

my life

for these people.

And I ask for nothing

because I love them,

because they are part of me.

When can I stop

opening my arms

like a floodgate?

Why can’t I stop

picking people

out of the water

like a lifeboat

for their troubles?

Where is my lifeboat?

When will someone

pick me up

and mend my wounds

and feed my hunger

and house my sleep?

When will someone

rescue me?

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