uPoets Show It: “Begin at the End” by Patience

that’s how it began.
Or did it begin
on that dock,
you swinging,
me laughing.
In the dark,
your hand on my
your hands on
my back,
your lips
on my throat.
That is how it
in a room covered
in stars
that glowed
just for us.
At an ending,
that is how it began.
You leaving all you
had known
for a place of mystery
and me with my heart
quickly filling
with love
and dying as swiftly
when I realized
you were
already gone.
This is how it began,
with some paper
and ink,
a stamp to send
you my desire on the page,
my love in my words,
hoping you’d
or call
or come back.
It began with
a letter
and a ticket.
I crossed the country to
feel your skin against
so it began in a parking lot,

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