Would You?


Photo Credit: missingyoupictures.com

Photo Credit: missingyoupictures.com


Would you miss me

if I left?

If I walked away

right now,

would you cry

or write me a poem?

Would you think

about me

while you sat alone?

Because I think

about you every

moment of

my waking hours.

I dream of you

every night

as I sleep

next to someone

who should be you.

Would your heart

feel as if

you had clawed it

from your chest

with your very own


Would you miss me so

much that your

skin feels wrong

on your own body,

feels as if you

were living some

lucid dream

where love was only


and nothing more?

I dance around

in flesh that is

a mystery,

in shoes that

pinch in all the

wrong places.

I walk through

a dream life

where you don’t exist

and I am a shadow.

If I were on the other

side of the globe,

would you reach


would your fingers

ache the way mine do?

Would you miss me,

would your heart yearn,

your body yearn,

hands ache

for my skin

the way mine long

for your eyes?

Would you?

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