Do Over

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I’m trying to get things

right this time.

I always seem to

put my worst

foot forward

although I try

my best not to.

I need to repeat last year,

where I can realize my

mistakes as a teacher

and correct them


I need to repeat the past

six years

because I made

a choice six years ago

today that seems

to have been the wrong


I want to go back and say


say I’ll think about it,

instead of yes

because it wasn’t even

my choice.

It was obligation

and a willingness

to find security

rather than passion.

I need to redo the past eleven


so that I can go back

and do what I should have–


I would repeat

that last day until

I said yes,

until I ripped my ticket

in half

and planted my

feet instead of

stepping on down the road.

I would keep saying

goodbye until

I finally was able

to say I’ll stay.

Where would

my heart reside

if time were flipped

back to the beginning?

Would my choices

have always brought me

to this spot in the sand?

Am I kidding myself

that my sky

could be some other

sky in some other


if I had only made

a different turn?

I would repeat

that day

until I told him

I’d hold his

hand no matter

what stepped into our paths.

If I could repeat

that moment,

I might find my blue

skies to be his blue


and my moon

to be in his darkness.


Daily Writing Prompt–Groundhog Day


7 thoughts on “Do Over

  1. I really love this. I wish there was a magic wand that we could whip out and have a do-over. Just to see what would happen. We only have today and can only change what we do from the now based on mistakes of the past.


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