Secret Self



Sometimes I wish

that I could read


What would it be

like to hear

the thoughts

swirling around

in people’s heads,

listening in on

secret conversations

with themselves?

It would be fascinating

but dangerous.

I constantly

wonder what people

are thinking

or feeling

but I never know.

And even when we tell,

are we ever honest?

Probably not.

I’m never honest

to anyone,


Not really.

I always have some secret part

hidden away

inside my heart

that I cover

in bubble wrap

and protect like

its my child.

I wonder what it would

feel like to

know someone’s secret,

that closeted


that delicious


How would it

feel to have

someone really

know me,

the private,


mysterious sliver?

My writing reveals

most of my hidden


but I still can barely

tell the truth here.

I don’t, not really.

But, you, my dear readers,

are the only ones who even

glimpse the mystery

that is me.


10 thoughts on “Secret Self

  1. We learn to weave our secrets in the words we write without proper translation. When someone takes a guess I just smile and nod my head. 🙂


  2. Thank you for sharing that side of yourself. I think it would be really scary and depressing to hear everyone’s deepest thoughts…everyone would probably end up hating everybody!!! Great post!


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