Snow (or I Miss You Like I Miss The Rain)


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The rain,

it makes me sad

and happy

at the same time.

I grew up

drenched in

winter rain,

swimming to school,

slogging to work.

My pants perpetually


sticking to my legs

as I walked.

Missing the rain

is like missing you.

It’s there for a moment

and gone again.

Like you.

The rain is here now

but it will depart

and turn to white.

I don’t know snow.

It confuses me

and makes me

feel displaced,

like the ice

should melt

and rain should

pour instead

of stick to everything

creating mountains

of white.

It is foreign,

a feeling that won’t subside,

just like how I feel when

I talk to you.

I don’t know how to speak

when you speak to me.

Just like I don’t know

how to move in the snow.

Your love used to be like the rain:

familiar and beautiful.

I want to stand in

the falling rain,

feel the drops soak

through my jacket

and into my skin.

I want to feel your love

in real life, like I feel the rain,

instead of in my dreams.

It’s raining now,

but not for long.

Winter used to be

all rain and

snow was a rarity,

an excitement,

something to be relished

and enjoyed.

Snow used to be like

your presence:

fantastic but fleeting.

Now, it feels like a curse,

a blight on my

ability to drive,

on my ability to love.

Now I have snow tires

and traction control

and all-wheel drive.

And all for a job.

I miss the rain

like I miss you.

I hope it stays a bit longer.

But the fat drops

just remind me

that snow will soon arrive

to stop me in my tracks

and force me to leave

for work a half hour

earlier than normal.

The rain reminds me

of your absence

and the fact that

your absence is


just like the snow

replacing the rain.

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