The Miles Between


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Distance comes

in many forms.

It manifests

in miles

or hours

or the space between

two pillows

in a bed

filled with two lonely people

too afraid to

say what they really


Distance holds

my hand

and takes walks

in my memory.

Miles make it

easier to say what

we mean,

to speak candidly,

to share what we

might otherwise

keep hidden.

Distance allows

us to grow,

but often that growth

means falling apart.

Hours turn to weeks,

weeks turn to years

and we find ourselves

reaching out across




for that hand that

used to be twined with

our own.

Distance creates gaps

in knowing,

in loving,

yet it builds bridges

to memories

and to moments

we want to keep wrapped

up in tiny packages

that we can carry in

our pockets

and open when the

time is right.

Distance stops us

from asking every day


and instead

forces open our

tired hearts

and allows us to jump

straight to the

soul of the matter.




create a distance

that sometimes

frees us

and sometimes

grips us in

a grasp so tightly

held that we

can’t breathe

because the distance,

the openness,

the longing and desire

suffocates us

in the unknowing

that the miles have made.

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