Like Flowers on a Grave

Photo Credit: Erica at the Daily Prompt

Photo Credit: Erica at the Daily Prompt

Traces of you

stain my body

like ink.

Your words wind

through mine

as if they were one.

You mark me,

tattoo me,

paint me

into who I am

with pieces of you.

Cut me open

and you will find


twisted around my veins,

spiraling around my organs.

My bones are fractured

and you are the pins

pinning me back

into existence.

There are traces

of you in

how I move,

what I say,

who I love.

You have marked me

with your actuality.

Like flowers on a grave,

like sun on skin,

like mud on my white clothes,

all of me is washed

with traces of you.


Written in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge–Traces.  The image is credited from that post.

7 thoughts on “Like Flowers on a Grave

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