Photo Credit: deviantart.com

Photo Credit: deviantart.com

I’m searching for

that perfect moment

where I feel

completely happy.

It is elusive,



I feel a hint of it

when the sun

touches my cheeks

on a bright day,

when warm drops

of rain

splash around my toes.

I can almost grasp it

when I see a rainbow

or hear an old song

on the radio.

I search my mind,

my memory,

for a moment

when I felt elated,



It’s always summer

or close to it.

The smell of salt

lingers on the air,

and I can hear the rush

of waves in the


I feel a breeze

tangle in my hair

and warm grains

of sand

underneath my carefree


I can touch your fingers

and hear your heartbeat

beneath my ear.

I can sometimes see

the navy blue

of your jacket

and the deep brown

of your hair.

Once, I heard

the song you played

over and over again

under the sun,

under the moonlit darkness

of the mountain.

I often see the moment

in the soft crackling

of a campfire

or in the way a stranger

walks past.

I wonder when this moment

will materialize.

Sometimes the deja vu

is remarkable

in its ability to

trample my heart with

a memory of something

I haven’t quite experienced.

I still look out,



that moment

where I’m happy.

That split second

of sunshine joy,

ocean smiles,

and warm hands

holding on.

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