Teach Me

Teach me how
to stop loving you,
and I will try.
Give me books
filled with words
on how to forget you,
and I will read them
until my tears run dry.
Create classes
about letting go,
and I will attend every one,
hoping to learn the path
to forgetting.
For I am a good student
who studies and tries.
I am never absent or late.
But you,
dear teacher,
must teach me the ways
because I am only a student
in the classroom of love,
and you have the tools
of moving on.
How did you teach yourself
to forget the feel
of my fingers
in your hair?
How did you learn
to forget the ease
of walking hand in hand?
Or the aching
in your chest
when we were apart?
Teach me how
you stopped loving me
so that I can breathe again
without the pain of your absence.


4 thoughts on “Teach Me

  1. I wish I could say time will heal a broken heart only after 21 years I ran into my ex and my heart stopped and my life flashed before my eyes… I would never go back. but that whole body reaction is still there. He still has the power to shake my soul. But I have moved on, I have grown and I am not the same person anymore….every day grow and nurture yourself to fill a void good luck love and light ~MIchelle


    • It has been 12 years for me and every time he writes to me I spend months, years with this overwhelming weight of absence sitting on my chest. I can’t find the path to lightness. I’ve only ever felt that with him. I will continue to search for that road through this pain though instead of letting it ruin me. Thank you for your comment and advice. 🙂


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