Apart (Together)

The sheets are chilly,
empty on the left side.
He stretches,
reaches into the cool nothing.
His fingers grope
for her missing body
and his mind searches
for her face.


Warmth emanates
from the right half
of the bed
yet she shivers,
her skin shaking
with longing
for something that’s
but there,
someone that’s not this one.


He drinks
so that the edges
are less sharp,
less heavy.
He hides her letters
and reads them
in the dark.
Words swirl
through his shattered longing,
his thoughts of dying.
Her mind on the page
burrows under his wall,
below the stones
that bar him in,
that hold him up.


Pages drift
through the air,
falling like feathers,
as she realizes
words will always fail
when it comes to him.
Her pens run empty,
scratching deep ruts
in her poetry.
She wishes
the words were enough
for him to love her,
for him to sigh
with her name on his lips.


When he imagines her
with another,
his hands ache
because his heart
can’t hold the pain.
He can’t believe he let her go.


Knowing he’s out there,
so close,
so far,
traps her in stasis
like amber.
She’s frozen
waiting to be reborn
and she can’t believe she let him go.


9 thoughts on “Apart (Together)

  1. ‘the girl who fills my bed will hear the words I should have said to the only true love I’ve ever known…’ #philosopherkings


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