Florida Sunlight

The room is shot through
with warm rays
of Florida sunshine.
It warms my pale skin,
so unused to
the burning streaks of light
blazing across
a southern sky.
The book,
heavy in my hands,
sits unread.
The cool breeze
of manufactured air
fights with losing fingers
against the humidity.
I find respite
in the warm waiting.
I read
and think
and imagine
the moment our skin
will be once again joined,
here in this sticky room
where I wait
for your return.
You are all around–on the walls (images that bring you joy, laughter),
on the tables
(your cards and cigarettes and photos), on my hands
(the scent of your aftershave that remains after I kissed you goodbye). These moments
when I knew you,
when you were mine to know,
linger on my eyelids
when I blink.
Memories of our splash of days
in the giant ocean
that lies between
here and then.


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