Poetry for Lunch


Photo Credit: deviantart.com

I wrote to you today,
a letter that I’ll never send.
I told you
about my cousin
who lives near you
and about my dad
growing up
in your city
when it was still only a town.
My words floated
onto the page
in between classes
filled with teenagers
amidst the angst
of young love.
I wonder
if that’s a falsehood
that we tell ourselves
as adults
in order to make excuses
for lazy love,
for missed chances,
and for unhappy choices.
I want that love that burns
with a touch,
that flattens me
to the ground
like a rogue wave
in the middle of a storm.
I want to feel
that icy shard
under my ribs,
impaling my yearning heart,
when we are apart.
I wrote you a letter today
and I wished
my hands were holding you
instead of that pen.
I told you how
I have a hole in my heart
that can fit only you.
I wonder if I should send it,
mail my hemorrhaging heart
to your sandy fingers
in hopes that you
might stitch me together
and make me whole.

In response to the Weekly Writing Challenge


7 thoughts on “Poetry for Lunch

  1. ‘lazy love’… really? there is a love that isn’t all consuming? or maybe it was just distracted by life, or other loves, or left on the armchair with the pillow with the woolen case under her jacket with the keys where coins and barretts slip down the side of the cushion…not really lost or forgotten, but that until we remember them and those days once upon a time anywhere but right here right now.


    • I’m not sure how to answer you. Love slips away but perhaps it wasn’t real if it is so easily released. Perhaps we haven’t found the truth of love if it can burn out. Some loves stay or resurrect or ignite a part of us that lies dormant until it meets the right spark. Maybe there is only one match and maybe I’ve lost it in the heap of others lingering in the periphery.


      • I have to think more about the ‘lazy love’ part…but I wonder what if? if someone swept me away today I would love them too…until then, maybe you are right.


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