How I Remember

Dark rooms
and shadowed furniture.
My mind hovers,
dissipates into cloudy flashes
of your dark face.
Icy wind and
pregnant skies.
Your fingers
clutch my limbs
in the shadowed caverns
of dreams.

Intersecting moments
of time-washed memories.
Your words
are my mooring,
my calm bay
in a sea of thunder
and towering waves.

Are you thinking of me?
Are your imaginings
a theatrical fantasy
like mine seem to be?
Have our fates intertwined
as our bodies once did?
Does my name fall
from your lips
with consuming,
with shivering fingers?
Do you picture
our past mixed in
with our future?

I wonder
these things
and questions drip
from my sorrowed lips.

5 thoughts on “How I Remember

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