Lost and Found

Frigid sunshine
reminds me
of spring mornings
and warm tea.
The spring was when
things fell apart,
shiny shards
of my insides
cast by the wayside.
I lost it all
one dark night
in early spring,
but I found so much more
by the end.
I found your voice
in the shadows
and followed your light.
Your strong and
calloused hands
became my sagacious guide,
my path to knowing.
Through blackened streets
and spray painted walls,
you carried me,
your words
like a whisper.
My tired feet
trudged along,
my cold arms wrapped
against the striking sand.
The call of you
beckoned me
to hot beaches and
cerulean seas and
your hands all over my skin.
I lost myself
in the spring but
you found my way back again.


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