Invisible Boundaries

Hold me
in winter twilight
the way you did
on warm spring mornings.
Cross the invisible boundaries
between this place
and that distant shore
where we left our souls.
Walk until you reach
the mountains and
I will be there
under the green
waiting for your twining fingers.
I will run
until my toes
meet the warm sands
of far off beaches
where we once walked,
our hearts beating
like one crashing wave
against the rocky shore.
I wait with held breath
and frozen thoughts
for your face to meet my eyes.
I wonder
if your features
have morphed
and folded
into mystery.
Are your lips as sweet
and your hands as strong?
I will love you again,
my body pressed beneath yours,
my fingers in your hair.
We will meet
on a street corner or
a weathered dock or
under an ancient tree,
and nothing in the world
will part us again.


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