Puzzle Pieces


Photo credit: maininnovationmanagement.co.uk

We are all made
of different parts,
stuck up with
glue and
tape and
Each of us beautiful
in the disorder
of our mingled pieces
chipped from moments
of our pasts,
our futures,
our presents.
I am cracked paint
and blue walls,
broken streetlights
and faded car rides
towards nothing in particular.
I have a piece
of you
sewed to my heart
and a part
of him too.
There is a spot
for every moment
in between
here and
then and
years into the distance.
We are this tapestry,
this collage
of frozen
moving pictures
wrapped in layers of
bone and
skin and
smiles and
We are all at once
and nothing again.
Each part
creates our puzzle,
each heartbreak
illustrates our soul.


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