Regular People

I wish we could talk
like regular people.
I could tell you
funny stories and
you would laugh.
You could play
your guitar and
I would listen.
I want to climb around
inside your life and
discover the hidden corners
of your thoughts and
wants and
That sounds creepy
but that’s not
how I mean it.
I mean that
I want to understand you
like I try to know myself.
I want to chart a map
of you and
plot the inner places
of your heart.
That starts with talking…
like regular people.
Where you aren’t afraid
of saying too much and
I’m not scared
of showing too much.
Where we talk
about mundane moments and
daily doses of irritants
that plague our hours
spent apart.
I want to write you a letter
that doesn’t bleed aching
all over your fingers.
I want to talk
like regular people
but were we ever
regular people?
Weren’t we always
misfits in the ways
of love and longing?
We have always
been at a distance,
loved through words
and voices.
Our touches were rare
and distant
but for a moment
in the vastness
that is time.
We were always rare
but does that mean
we can’t be regular too?


3 thoughts on “Regular People

      • We all experience those things every day. I think you will find though, life works better when you have someone to share it with..We have to live for now in the present and or we miss out and regretting having missed out is worse than anything.


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