The Absence Equation

I wonder
what would happen
to my words
if the absence
were gone.
Your ghost
is my companion,
my muse,
my guide.
Your absence
has such presence
that it seems
I would long for it,
as I long for you,
if it were suddenly gone.
Losing your phantom
would mean
I would have you,
flesh and
blood and
bone and
eyes and
fingers and
But would my fingers
still wind around words,
molding them into meaning,
if I could feel you
rather than just
imagine your touch?
I paint my broken walls
with words of longing
so how could they exist
when your absence
has vanished?
Could my words
about really touching you
drip with the beauty
that these aching ones do?
Could your tangible love
create verses
ripe with palpability
in the the way
your ghostly glances
beguile my poetry?
Would I lose myself,
my words,
if yearning was out
of the equation?


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