I owned
my feelings today.
I took a hold of them
and yanked them
out of my throat.
I told my best friend
about you.
I told her
how I’ve never loved anyone more,
how my pages
are painted
with your voice,
how you kept all my letters.
I said your name out loud
for the first time in years.
It floated from my mouth
with unfamiliarity
that bounced into reality.
I heard the syllables
that make you who you are.
I held your being
under my tongue
and my lungs exhaled
long held breaths
that tumbled out
after your name.
I said I loved you
so that someone else’s ears
inherited the words
that claim my heart.
I felt my chest contract
as I freed this love
that grips me in its vast fingers.
I owned my feelings today
for the first time
since I told you
how my heart
would cease beating
if I lost you.


8 thoughts on “Ownership

  1. I so often wish I might understand how to dive into my own internal fears … your ability to respond to the essence of what drives you is beautiful. It has taken me far too long to visit, given your welcome ‘likes’ to my page. I delight in your words. Thank you. πŸ™‚


    • I don’t know if I do understand what drives me. I guess I just try to capture whatever feeling I’m having because I can’t say out loud how I feel inside. Thank you for reading my blog and enjoying my words. πŸ™‚


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