Free Stuff


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People take us
and part us out
like old cars.
We advertise ourselves
like yard sales
and sell our hearts
like old junk
on the front lawn.
And what we have left
is a box of garbage
that we label “free”
and expect a stranger
to pick us up
and cherish our broken souls.
Pieces of our identities
are parcelled out
and chewed up
and what we have left
are shattered shards
of who we used to be
before people
got a hold of us.
We expect someone
to come along
and glue us back together,
to fix our twisted hearts,
but we are usually left
by the side of the road
like trash thrown
from a window.
Those people
who we have given
and given
and shared
and helped,
toss us to the wayside
and continue their carnage
leaving us with no one
to sew our pieces
back together.

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