The Funny Thing About Love

I used to hate you. And I mean hate. Although we went to school together, we never spoke, never interacted. When L told me we were going to pick you up that first time, I cringed, warm bubbles of self consciousness popping in my stomach. I’d heard the rumors, your biting insults and grating laugh […]

His Song

Through the darkness, the guitar sounded, a deep thrum reverberating off the walls of the auditorium and through the hearts of the onlookers. The vibration resounded through their bones and did a somersault in their bellies, and they waited. She could feel the energy swirling through the smoky air, floating with the dustmotes through shafts […]


Bodies soak up what’s left behind. Instead of dispelling toxic moments, we bathe in dark bubbles of infected ideas. We are sponges, soaked in fears and forgotten wishes. I need something to occupy the space that you carved in me. I need to sop up some distraction instead of soaking in the accursed memory of […]