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Fingers of fog
grip the mountains
and curl around
the corners,
hiding the trees
in spiderweb blankets
of white air.
The twisting tendrils
in damp mornings
and whispered goodbyes.
You are like the fog,
mysterious and obscured.
Your own shadow fingers
reach to me
in the darkness
and pull me
beneath visibility.
I am lost
inside your hidden recesses,
wandering amongst
the wet branches
of your heart.
You tear at my clothes
and my skin
and I wonder where
you have gone,
when I lost you
in the dense fog
of the past.
Translucent mist
collides with harsh landscapes
of time and memories
mistaken for now,
and I can’t seem
to claw my way back
to clarity,
to where the darkness
turns light
and where the sun
fights through the fog.


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