Of Love and Hate


Photo Credit : glogster.com

Like fire in her belly,
loathing seethed,
Her once bright dreams
wrapped in sun-crisp sheets
and perfect cups of coffee
into icy baths
of drowning,
Revenge roiled
beneath her skin
and mingled
with the unquenchable ache
of absence.
She wanted to slice
his flesh
with lashes
so that he bled
with the same pain
that his leaving
had wrenched
upon her skin.
Twisted terrors of love
mixed with hate
scarred strokes
of black
on her soul.
Who was she
without the touch
of his hand?
Who was she
without the absence?
Her loathing
brought only tears
of longing
as she scratched
at the tattoo
his memory etched
on her bones.

Written response to mind love misery ‘ s prompt–Bitter Loathing


2 thoughts on “Of Love and Hate

    • Thank you for an inspiring topic! And for the compliment. I just put words down and these poems are what appears. I’m just glad some people want to read them. 🙂


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