Edge of the Ocean

There is a line
where the ocean
meets the land.
This is where
his footprints scar
the sandy shore.
He walks,
watching his steps
disintegrate under
the salty tide.
He walks
and he watches
for her shape
on the horizon.
He listens
for her voice
to call him back
to her arms,
to her heart.
He kicks the shells
by the crashing waves,
and he thinks
he should choose one
for her
the way she would.
He remembers
her eyes sparkle
as she discovered
each new gift
from the sea
and he wonders
how to find
that type of wonder
in the world.
He wonders
if her eyes still shine
like they did
when he held her hand,
if she laughs
with abandon
the way she did
when he whispered jokes
in the dark.
He wears a path
in the sand
and he waits for her
to find him,
here on the edge
of the ocean.


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