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We are always
leaving something,
and it’s good and bad
all at once.
We are in collision
with heart and head
and I wonder
if it will be hard
to leave here
the way it was so hard
to leave there.
Will my heart cleave in two
when I step, stutter away?
Will I have only
a quarter of a heart
since I already left half
with you?
How can one exist
with a sliver of muscle
instead of a full,
blood-pumping vessel?
Leaving here
means going there
and am I ready
for a new beginning
when I can’t seem to
let go of the old?
I watched you grow smaller
through a dirt-stained window
and I listened
while you promised me
half of your heart.
I waited
while you made up your mind
and I still wait for you
to find me.
I left
and you left
and now I wonder
if I should leave again.
My whole world
has been one leaving
after the next.
Parents and
pretend mothers and
absentee fathers and
fake sisters and
half brothers and
always the road
through a dirty window.
We all leave
so when do we finally
find a place to stay?
Would I find that with you
now that we’re older
and more jaded?
Would we leave again
even after all the
clawing and fighting
to get back?
Isn’t that the inevitable?

In response to the Daily writing prompt–Crossroads


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