Drive By


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Your errant words
shoot through me
like a spray
of silent slugs
under suppression fire.
My body falters,
against the stained cement,
my bullet wounds
bleeding desire.
on the street corner,
unsuspecting and
your lines lie
like liquid fire,
I’m crying and
fighting for the door.
Shell casings
encase the cement.
Like hot ash,
your words whip
like wires
against my skin.
I am gunned down,
gaping in the glory
of your gory inhibition,
your focused fountain
of imaginary verses
vocalized like rapid fire,
your bolt action
can’t handle
the attraction
to someone who
just doesn’t fit
the written fantasy
carved on your vanity.
And I am left folding
and shrinking
and dying
on the street,
a solitary victim
of your drive by.


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