Doorsteps and Parking Lots


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Soul mates.
It seems like such
a tired idea–
two souls separated
only to search for each other
over space and time.
Blah, blah, blah.
You’re probably thinking
this is funny coming
from a girl
who has written
over 300 posts
about a lost love.
And maybe it is
because I actually
don’t believe
in soul mates.
I believe that each person
we meet
gives a part of themselves away.
We carry those pieces
and build entire lifetimes
on moments and memories
of people.
I love you
with every inch
of my being
but I don’t know
if you are my other half.
If that idea is actually real.
I’ve loved others
before and after you
but none
with the same
fervor and tenacity.
No one else’s hand has
quite fit into mine
the way yours does,
and no one has ever
made me laugh
the way you do.
Does that make us soul mates?
I don’t know.
What I do know
is that we will meet again
under sleeting skies
or on soft beaches.
Maybe on a front door step
or in a bright parking lot
somewhere under a cerulean sky.
If that’s soul mates
then perhaps I’m wrong.
Perhaps destiny and fate
and the mating of souls
will allow our skin
to collide one more time.

In response to the Daily Prompt – – Born to Be With You


15 thoughts on “Doorsteps and Parking Lots

  1. i think if you never had one, it would be hard to understand it. Once you find them you cannot live without them. Its painful to be separated from them. You love them, live with them, marry them. Until death parts one of you. Can’t explain it.

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    • Maybe you’re right. I can’t seem to function without the constant thoughts of him invading my every move. Circumstances have always kept us apart so maybe it isn’t soul mates but, then again, the pain of his absence says it could be. 🙂

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      • I’m starting to think that maybe instead of soul mates, we have the ability to really connect with only a few people… We give those people a part of us. That is why we don’t feel whole when those people aren’t with us, because we aren’t. (Just a thought.)


      • I like that! I feel like I’ve had many superficial connections and some that were more lasting and only a few that were life-altering. Those are the ones who carry a piece of me and I carry pieces of them as well. I haven’t felt whole for 12 years save those brief encounters online and over the telephone line. Sad but true. May be I never will. 😦


      • Exactly, and same here. 😦 There are positives to go with all the trouble… At least you can say you have truly loved, not everyone can say that. I try to focus on the joy love has brought me when I start to feel depressed. Maybe I just need more love than most. I don’t know… I’m trying to move in a more positive direction, ’cause I don’t want to be stuck here. I can’t seem to remember how to forget.


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  6. I once shared that we each carry a set of keys that can unlock a part of each other’s hearts yet we do not know we carry those keys until we meet the person who is capable of unlocking our heart. To me that is a soulmate.


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