The Love Equation

I heard that
a spike in adrenaline
can make you
more susceptible
to suggestion,
that how you see yourself
at that moment
can permanently impact
how you view yourself
and the world.
I wonder if this is why
I am attached to you.
Every moment
I was with you,
adrenaline pumped
through my blood
and my bones.
My heart was
a stampede of wild horses
and my skin tingled,
fairy dust in my veins.
You told me
we belonged together
and I believed.
I saw a stronger version of me,
walking beside you.
Maybe my brain
was hypnotized
by the rush you ignited
in my chest.
Maybe that’s why
I feel broken,
like I’m missing
half my heart
since you have gone.
You changed
who I was
and I can’t go back.
My brain was altered
by your touches,
my mind was twisted
by your smiles.
Maybe this explains
the madness of love.


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