I taught ellipses today
and they wanted to use them
for drama,
for inference,
for questions.
And I use them
for pause
or sighs
or words not spoken.
But really,
ellipses mark
the absence of words.
Three little dots
can replace
Shakespeare or
Milton or
Three little dots
signify worlds
and oceans
and love.
You write with music notes
and tiny dots of missing letters
that may or may not
mean anything.

I never forgot about you,
not for a minute…

Your poignant pause
of words you replace
with fractured letters
of what you can’t really say.
Three little periods
punctuate a love lost in between
the letters of
long distance phone calls
and midnight messages.
You are the ellipsis
in my sentence,
the words I can’t
quite find room for,
the words I can’t
quite say
all because you can’t
say them either.
Instead we find security
in the blank spaces
waiting for the right words.


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