Photo Credit: fireatwillrva.com

decayed, and
from the glittering gods
of the past,
they wait with empty eyes
and cavernous maws.
Wild vines
stretch and
crack and
between concrete remnants
of discarded consumerism.
Abandoned amongst
tract homes and parking lots,
weather and Mother Earth
reclaim their property.
Silence suffocates the emptiness
in the overwhelming waste
of humanity’s ideals.


Photo Credit: flickr.com Dominic Binkley

We always abandon
what we claim to love.
Like shoppers vacating
dying retail monsters,
we flee from difficult choices
and sticky conversations.
It’s easier to leave
than to restore,
simpler to cast off
than to nurture.
You have abandoned me
like life left these buildings.
I am webs of spidery flora
withering in forgotten cities.

I read an article about abandoned malls, and the images are so sad and beautiful. I was inspired since I, too, am feeling abandoned.


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