“You broke my heart. You were my spark in the dark nights muted by the blurry haze of alcohol and self-pity. When I couldn’t look at my reflection for my desperation and desire of the past, your tattered letters reminded me of who I wished I could be. But you broke my heart. You have shackled yourself to someone else, and his hands hold you and his eyes see you each morning. And I should have loved you when I had the chance because now I am a shell of who I thought I could be. Who I was when you were here, walking with me through the darkness.”

Her eyes glistened, her body in beautiful agony as his words waterfalled around her. His truth and his whispered wanting wooed her resistant heart into caving. She was a fool to believe anyone but him could own her soul. He was her arms and lungs and air that filled them. He was her water in the desert, her island in the endless sea. Together, they were whole and simple and infinite.

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