Alternate Realities


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Sometimes the sky
shimmers, shakes, glistens
into something else.
A mirror reflects back
an alternate universe,
a parallel reality
akin to mine.
And I see
my face,
my body,
my eyes,
slightly different,
skewed to someone
not quite me.
I watch her hold your hand
and cook you dinner.
There she is lying next to you
in a morning-sunny room,
her fingers touching tattoos
that look like yours
but are not quite right.
Her long blonde hair
floats on the wind
of a foreign world
and her lungs breathe air
created by strange plants
and alien trees.
I can see her heart
through the delicate sway
of her hip and
the slight smile
touching her lips.
She has you,
her heart complete
because instead of
not forgetting,
you decided to remember.
You chose
to tell her to stay…and she listened.
The shimmering sky
closes its window
and maybe I should be
happy even,
that a version of me
gets to love a version of you.
But I’m jealous instead
because you once told me

you never forgot about me…
not for a minute.

You said it like
they were words
I was used to hearing.
And I know his words
would not be quite right,
his laugh, just a bit off.
I look at her
and only want
my version of you.
Your unique expressions
and touches
and declarations of love
no matter how ambiguous
and infrequent.
I just want you
or to forget you.
I can’t decide.


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