Unexpected Moments

Tonight I read one of my poems in public for the first time. I wrote it for one of my seniors and presented it to him at the Honors Dinner we have for students who excel. This was my first time and my student is homeless and his mother didn’t come because she didn’t want to go without her husband. He was the reason my student left home. I think it made him feel special. And it’s not so depressing when I read it out loud. Anyway, here it is.

Life can sometimes bring you down,
bury you in sorrow,
and confuse your decisions.
But that’s only part
of living in this world.
Sometimes disappointment
knocks instead of opportunity,
but you can’t give up.
Instead of being afraid,
see that
you can create
and inspire
and show
the haters what you’re made of.
That is what’s so great about life.
No matter what stands before you,
the ability to conquer
is always inside of your heart.
Keep climbing
and fighting
and watching out for the beauty
because it comes at the most
unexpected of moments.
Like rainbows in misty water
on a summer’s day
or the perfect comeback
to a snide remark
or building an award-winning robot
or sharing a memory with a friend.
Look for successes in failures
and you might just find your answers.
Believe you are capable
and special
and worthy of your dreams
because life can sometimes
try to take that away.
Don’t let it.
No one can do what you do
and be who you are.
Trust yourself
and never forget
to laugh
and love
and grow
and experience
and really live.
Show this wonderful world
just how amazing you are.


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