Dominoes Falling


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Back porch moments
and domino memories
falling one after another.
Soft music mingles
with hard topics
left obscured by denial
that this is fleeting
and ephemeral
and so close to over.
Chlorine winds rise
from the night
and heavy air
sticks to my skin
like this memory
sticks to my soul.
My voice lifts
and floats
on the sudden breeze
and you smile
at my spontaneous serenade.
The darkness
crashes down on us
and the game is over
and your hands
slide up my body
and pull me into you.
The hot air becomes hotter
between us
and I take snapshots
of the way your muscles tense
and the way your body pivots
and undulates at my touch.
Love grows
like flowers in my lungs,
suffocating me
in momentary joy
and drowning me
in a lifetime of without.
How can you remember
but not need?
How can I remember
but not forget?
The memories collide
like tumbling dominoes,
one into the next,
and I listen
for the music
or your laugh telling me
that it’s not too late
to love you.


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