Would You?

Would you notice
if I stood in front of you
on fire,
crimson flames
licking my cheeks?
My flesh would blacken
until I was nothing more
than ash,
but would you see?
If I fell into a river,
rocky and rapid,
would you reach out your hand,
try to catch my fingers,
or would you let me slip by,
water strangling the oxygen
from my lungs?
You walk away every day
and I die with each footstep.
My body withers
and wastes
as I wait
and create
excuses for your silence.


4 thoughts on “Would You?

      • So true. I usually only find that raw, untamed feeling when I write on this topic for this blog. Other topics seem to fall flat. I wish I could write as strongly about other things. Thanks again for reading! 🙂


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