I used to do
a lot of things.
Like drive fast
and drink til I threw up.
I used to hate tomatoes
with a passion
and cilantro too.
I used to take one pill
at a time
and stick it far back
on my tongue
so that it wouldn’t have
far to travel.
Now I love tacos
with tomatoes
and I could eat cilantro
every day.
Why do we change?
Why can I take
three pills at a time
without a thought?
Some things
are the same.
I’ve always hated onions
and probably always will,
My love for you
still fills my heart
and empties it
at the very same moment.
But things change,
twist a bit each day
until we are glimmers
of who we used to be.
I wonder how
you glimmer now,
if you still drink soda
for breakfast
or if you sleep
with your arms crossed.
It’s the not knowing you,
the missing moments
that shaped
who you are
that really get to me.
Maybe we are unrecognizable now,
those ancient selves
so distant
that all they do is shimmer,
glimmer in our dreams.


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