21 Questions I Never Thought to Ask


Photo Credit : everRiviere at deviantart.com

How do you
hold your knife
because I can’t remember
and which side
of the bed
is your favorite?
I like the right
and I think you like the left.
I hate wondering
these wonders
because I know knowing
will never be.
But how do you drink your coffee:
iced or hot,
black or creamy sweet?
These insignificant questions
that shape who you are.
Do you still love mobster movies
and what do your tattoos mean?
I want to know why
you buy clothes
you never wear
because I do too
and how many times
you have read my letters.
This list of wonderings
grows longer
each moment I’m away
but I can’t help
my curiosity
about your first memory
and the time
when you were happiest.
When was the first time
you fell in love
and do you still love
chicken wings?
These questions
are stupid
but they make you
who you are
so I ask them into the air
and they float
like letters written
on windows.
Is it strange for me
to want to know
your favorite color
and how you felt
when you knew
I wasn’t coming back?
How did it feel
to lose your freedom
and why didn’t you write to me?
But most of all,
besides the little things,
I want to know about
your silence
and whether you still remember
the sound of my voice.
Do you ache
when you hear my name
and did you ever really love me?
I know my questions,
this list of wonderings,
will go unrequited
but I can’t help but ask
why did you go
and will you ever
come back?

Written in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge —The List Lesson

14 thoughts on “21 Questions I Never Thought to Ask

  1. It’s amazing the things we wished we’d ask while that someone was still with us and the things we wonder if they are still the same… a very creatively put together list.


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