Forever blocked,
locked away
from your living room,
the bleeding wound
you call a heart
because apart
from a few notations
all indications
point to your disappearance
without interference
from your emotions.
I am tied up
and becoming corrupt
to advances,
I want to stop taking chances
with my heart
and finally start
seeing joy in the joyless,
hope in the hopeless,
a spark in the dark.
But all I have are glimpses
of your thoughts,
the silent wishes
you make
while you fake
your way through a life
you call full.
I wish I could help you pull
your way out,
give you something
you might actually smile about.
Like a drifting guitar riff
or a poem I fought with
to pull myself out
of the misery you left me with
when you walked away
that day
at the gas station,
when I waved
and watched your heart stray
from the me and you I knew,
the us we built
with our fingers outstretched
toward a blue so blue
it defied all the lies
and fought off gravity
with the insanity
of love.

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