Empty Days

Do you remember
when days felt like weeks,
back when you were young
and life contained
infinite possibilities? 
Now my mouth is dry,
my tongue crusted
with black desert sand,
and the days
feel like minutes instead.
I remember
when I thought those days
would never end.
Waking up
in the morning
not thinking that my dreams
would cease
in a matter of days.
I’ve been trying to write
because I have the freedom to,
for a few short days,
my hands can write
whatever and
where ever.
But I am vacant
of words
and my fingers
write lines
that are the weathered bones
of decay.
Does this mean I am done?
One year later
and I’m done?
Probably not
since I still scroll
and troll
and obsess
over something
that should have been
but now seems impossible.
And the days spin down
and wind out
and clink and clack away
until there is nothing left
but my empty heart
filled with the absence
of you.


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