Worth It

Would it be right
if we tried it?
Isn’t that always
the question,
the scary part
of following your heart?
Will it work?
Will it be worth it?
I remember
how you were,
the you at parties
and on Sunday mornings after,
the angry you
and the sullen you.
I saw the pretty parts
you let me see,
and sometimes
I see that other you
breaking through
the cracks
in your walls.
I feel your rage
and addiction
and powerlessness.
I also see
the you I know
who is tender
and vulnerable
for the right reasons.
I see the scholar
you never thought
you could be
and the musician
coursing through
your blood.
I understand
your self-doubt
and curiosity
about the world
and I wonder
if this is who
you’d choose
to show me.
Would it be a shock
to see the real you?
Which one is he?
We were never
together long enough
to fight
and our friendship
showed me watery pictures
of a broken man.
But could we learn
to love these flaws,
these missing pieces
of our characters
that hang out
when life gets
dirty and
messy and
I love all that
you let me see.
Will you love my
broken pieces
as much as you love
the whole ones?
Will it be worth
it in the end?

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