What I Know

I know your heart
just like I’ve always known.
I knew when you kept quiet
that night when I first told you
I loved you.
The moment
when you let loose
was inevitable
and a day later.
I knew your heart then
and I know it now.
There was no over or after.
There was only ever then.
I live there and so do you
because I know your heart
the way you know mine.
What would happen
if we just said what we needed,
forgot the consequences and pretenses
and whispered our hearts
into the darkness?
I know what you’d say
because your heart lives
inside of mine.
I know you like no other could
and I know you’d say
you love me.

By the way, faithful readers, this is my 450th post, and my one year blogiversary is on Thursday. I am 2 followers away from 2500, and I just hit 10,000 views. Thank you all for your love and support and, of course, your continuous reading. You are awesome!

7 thoughts on “What I Know

  1. Once upon a time the girl with the blonde curls and my eyes said I should watch a movie…I forget the title, sorry, but I remember the scene where she told him, ‘just because I love you doesn’t mean I will be with you’.

    Love is all the things you say but the pragmatic answer to your question may never lay beside you in your bed.


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