My love for you
is as mesmerizing
as wishing on the light
of a long dead star.
It is as indescribable
as time
and as irrational
as sadness on a hot summer day.
My love is all bundled up
in falling stars
and sunlit beaches,
windy days
and seashell necklaces.
It’s wound up
with a ribbon
and buried in my pocket,
sitting next to lint
and spare change.
This love is a gift
I cannot give
even though it shines
with unfathomable depths.
It hides amongst cereal boxes
and bedroom lamps,
and I wonder if I’ll ever be able
to let it feel
the cool air on its cheeks,
the fresh spray of salt waves
on its skin.
Until then,
it imitates this pile
of similes and metaphors
hoping to add up
to more sense than love.


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