When Oceans Stood Still

It’s in the quiet,
the soft shhh-ing moments
where the wind floats
through the trees
on bird’s wings
and melodies hum
from faraway fauna.
It’s in the silence
when you echo back to me
on cat feet,
walking on my heart
with your words
whispered decades ago
in a time
where oceans stood still
and cities grew deaf with longing.
I hear you calling
in the quiet,
your guitar strings singing
on the air
and floods of memories
pile up in my hands.
Each one contains a piece
of who we were going to be
but they are heavy
and wanting
and I can’t lose a single one.
So here I stand,
memories with forgetting,
losing with holding on,
past with a future unidentified,
all wrapped up in nine tiny freckles,
a constellation of hope
stamped on your chest.


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