Find Me

I wish you would
find my words,
bump into them
in between searches
for guitars and Pearl Jam.
I can see you reading one
and then another,
all the time hearing
my voice as you read.
Your fingers will
click, fumble, click
through each letter
and wonder
if the Johnny is you
and if the E is me.
Then your heart
will ache a bit
more than usual
and you’ll wonder
just how many I wrote.
I can picture
your features drawn down
in anger
as you scan
through my hot words
of spite.
And I can imagine
your lips curling up
into smiles
as you read my passion
on the page.
You would reach
for the phone
and dial my number
because you won’t
be able to stand
one more moment of silence
when I have spoken
a world’s worth of words
into space.
I hear your thready breaths
as I answer the call
and I wonder if it’s finally you.
But the line goes dead
because you can’t seem to find
the words to answer my poetry,
every line feels like sand
in your mouth.
How can you give me
something so beautiful
when I have turned the world
into my audience?

I wish you would read
my words
so you could know how much
I love you.
I can’t do it and
it won’t happen on accident.
I wish someone
would show you my words.
It would be so much easier.

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