The Red Balloon


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I wrote you a story
about a red balloon
that escaped
from a carnival show.
It had always imagined
a life on the road,
twisting and tumbling
through a world
made of wishes,
but it could never escape
the clutches of the clowns,
their white painted faces
and dirt painted hands
gripping and curling his string.
Around and around in their car,
they would circle,
for the awe-faced crowd until–
poof blink done–
the lights would go out
and the red balloon
would be left alone
under the giant tent
that obscured
the blue of the sky.

One day,
a passing thunderstorm
whisked the red balloon away
on wind and weather
fit for a monster,
but he had never been happier.
He glided
and floated
and flew through
the clean blue sky
and saw the magic
in the world.

He traveled
until he met a beautiful rose
in his same bright shade of red.
She sat by a river
that gleamed in the sun
and he couldn’t help
but find his string
twisted in her leaves.
He fell in love with her beauty
and her sharp thorny edges
that would never let him get too close.
He watched her bloom
and open
and show off her spirit
but she never said a word.
She whispered
on the wind instead
and he couldn’t bear to leave.

So he stayed
by her side,
never leaving the river’s edge,
although her roots meant
she could never leave,
her love had given him
a reason to not float away.

That is my story
about a red balloon
who spent his life searching
for freedom
only to find it in the thorns
of an earth-bound flower
who could never leave her home.

Written in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge–Noun List Twist

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